Suite Additions goes into Mask Production!

Suite Additions is a residential remodel company.  What are they doing producing masks? Well, here’s the story:

As a small remodel company, we focus on only a few projects at any given time.  And so, a disruption like this COVID-19 crisis can dry up our work quickly, if one or two customers need to back out of projects, for whatever reason.  Which just happened!

So, what to do? I was facing the decision to lay off employees pretty soon or find something productive for them to do.

Well, what if we could temporarily turn a crew of carpenters into seamstresses… seamsters??? tailors???  …into “Mask Makers”  🙂  and make masks for those who need them!!! Keep the carpenters employed; and provide a needed service.

That’s how this came to be.  So, if you are in need of a mask or two, consider buying them here and keep a few people employed in the process!!!

Get Protected! Order Now.

Step 1. Fill out the following order form.

    Step 2. Total up your order

    $15 each or Buy 2 Give 1 

    For every 2 masks you buy ($30), we’ll give you a 3rd mask to give away to someone in need.

    Shipping is free (within the US.)

    Step 3. Pay for your order

    $ pay via Venmo @suite-additions.

    pictured from left to right: Go Beavs, Red/Blue Flowers, Go Ducks

    Black Stripes, Wine Bottles, Black/White Flowers

    Tan Stripes, Blue Green Stripes

    • While developing our mask designs, we consulted with multiple hospital nurses, who are veterans in using masks! We learned a lot and improved our designs accordingly.

    • Every mask is designed to be used, washed, dried, and re-used many times. I’m sure they will eventually wear out, but the goal is many, many uses per mask.
    • Every mask we produce is made from new, 100% cotton, quilter’s fabric, which is a tightly woven material. These are not made from old T-shirts. That’s good, because the tighter the weave, the less contaminates get through.
    • Every mask has an opening in the side for additional filter material. This pocket is designed to make it possible for you to add a filter of your own inside the mask, for even better protection. (We are experimenting with different filter materials and hope to offer them soon.) Most effective filter materials won’t go through the washing machine well, so this way you can remove the filter, wash the mask, and then insert a new filter.
    • Every mask has a thin piece of metal across the nose, to form the mask more tightly to your face. Since the mask works best when the air you breath goes through the mask, not around it, this seemed important!
    • Every mask has tie straps, like a surgical mask, to be tied behind your head/neck. We went with this design for multiple reasons, but the main reasons are 1) nurses tell us that the masks that hang from the ears begin to irritate the skin behind your ears quickly, and 2) this is a universal design that should work for everyone, no matter the size of your head. 🙂 Feel free to modify the straps to whatever works best for you.
    • There are 2 sizes currently available: let’s call them Small and Large. The Large seems to work for most adults, though a few have preferred the Small instead. The Small works well for most kids, some young adults, and some adults

    • Every mask is washed, dried, ironed, and then sealed in plastic bag, to keep them virus free for you

    • Every mask is made with a different person in mind, a different sense of fashion. We recommend choosing masks that fit your style, your wardrobe. In fact, maybe buy one to match every outfit in your wardrobe!!! (Suite Additions is not responsible for your fashion sense, or lack thereof)
    • Masks are NOT a replacement for social distancing.  They are intended to minimize the risk of catching a virus when out in public or spreading the virus you don’t know you have!

    • DO NOT put the mask in the microwave!  These masks have metal in them, so they should NEVER be put in the microwave for sterilization

    • There is no guarantee these masks will prevent the spread of COVID19 or any other virus.   Social distancing and gloves and consistent hand washing, etc are all still very important.

    • Masks should be washed between uses.  Using the mask multiple times without sanitizing it increases the risk of transmission.  (Better to buy a lot of them, so you always have a clean one on hand!  🙂