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Home or Suite Additions. Remodels. Aging in Place. ADU’s.  Suite Additions has helped numerous families throughout the greater Portland Metropolitan area realize their dream of transforming their home into one that better meets their needs, has more modern amenities and features, or is expanded to keep loved ones (such as elderly parents) close.

Our fastest growing service fulfills a growing need in the Portland area – homeowners looking to take advantage of a spare room or a vacant space on their property by creating an additional dwelling unit (ADU) to rent for a new income source. The Suite Additions team is one of the Portland region’s top ADU builders and can help you navigate the process from permits to ready-for-rent status!

Whatever your home remodel need, the Suite Additions team brings a high level of expertise and a commitment to quality and service that you can count on. Your complete satisfaction is the bar that we measure our success on! We invite you to browse our website for more details on our areas of specialty and invite you to contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation.

Our Mission

We founded Suite Additions to fill a void we saw in home construction. We saw families who wanted to stay together under one roof in the Portland metropolitan area but required their homes to adjust to their needs.

That’s where Suite Additions steps in. Owner Tim Jorgens and his team believe that the projects they complete make profound differences and provide essential benefits to families, whether it’s performing aging-in-place modifications to a home, transforming empty space into amazing accessory dwelling units, or renovating a room into something special.

For everyone at Suite Additions, the passion and satisfaction we experience on a job correlate to the positive impact we make on our client’s lives.

Meet our team

Tim Jorgens

Suite Additions owner Tim Jorgens grew up in Spokane and moved to Portland to study religious education at Multnomah University. Building has always been a passion for him, and before long, he found himself thriving in the new home construction industry as a superintendent for Northland Homes. In November 2013, Tim started Suite Additions, focusing on home remodels. Tim brings building experience, a hard work ethic, integrity and heart to every project.

Tim has been married for nearly 30 years, has two adult children, and a dog named Larry

“Two things we stand by at Suite Additions are consistently delivering on our promises and making a difference for the families we work with. We want every interaction to prove we’re worthy of the trust you place in us.”

-Tim Jorgens

Creating Inspiring Spaces

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